thanksgiving {2011}

it's crazy to think that last year i had just found out i was having a baby boy, my gma donna came out to utah for a few days & it was SNOWING like crazy!  this year, we had thanksgiving at my house again, which was a blast! i love that my family is nice enough to come all the way out to spend thanksgiving with us because nick has work the day before & the day after! they really are the best! every time i see them it makes me realize how much i HATE living away from them, they are so much fun! anyways, it was the "off year" for nick's side of the family so we wanted to invite alan, terry & nick's gma judy to dinner! it was so nice to have both sides of the family for dinner! we had a feast! last year i got the 28 lb turkey (the biggest one i could find) and we still didn't a lot of leftovers so this year i got two turkeys...smartest idea EVER! obviously, im pretty new at thanksgiving dinners! haha. a little side note, kruz changed a total of THREE times, in the morning he must of decided he didnt want to wear the cute thanksgiving bow tie, plaid shirt, etc and so he decided to blow out oh his shirt as nick was changing him...good job kruz!! haha. anyways, it was a wonderful day and were so thankful for our awesome family! we love you all so much!
{we celebrated my dad's 55th birthday a little late because we were all together...oh & we gave him the "senior edition sack" for his golf bag! haha}

{dad got stuck on dish duty this year}
(kruz zonked out on the pillow while foryst was holding him!)
the last night the kids all hoped in bed with my mom, it was pretty funny! i took a video and it had us cracking up the next day! they really know how to annoy my mom! ;)

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