my 7 month old

  {his shoe kept falling off...haha}

ahhh, i love my little animal! he has got sooooo much energy! he is a little "wiggle monster"...that's what i like to call him! he is also the sweetest little guy ever. the other day i was playing with him on the ground and he grabbed my face really hard {hes a baby and doesn't even realize what he's doing} and just out of a normal reaction i said, "ouuuchhh!!!" and he instantly let go and gave me the sweetest, kindest look i've ever seen in my life! it was the look like, "mommy are you ok??" ahhh, he melts my heart! i don't even understand how i can love any of my other kids this much! he is the most amazing kid! i'm so thankful he is here & in our lives! i know my monthly update posts lately have been a little sporadic, but i just want to make sure i remember these little things because they are so precious to me! at 7 months kruz has his first ear infection, it was actually right during thanksgiving. i had no idea, i just thought ohh he's just got more teeth coming in, but i was so wrong! i felt like the worst mommy when i took him in! i will never make that mistake again! funny story when we were at the pediatrician's office kruz was just sitting on my lap and he was just staring down this little 8 month old and i look over and she was doing the same thing...her mom, the receptionists and i were laughing so hard! kruz's is already into the ladies...i am SO in trouble! still isn't crawling at 7 months 1 week...he is so close! he gets his whole body in the air except for his head. kruz loves the remote, keys, my blackberry (he ruined it & turned it white for a few days), the keyboard, the wipes package, hair (always pulling my hair out...i swear i'm going to be bald in a month!), he loves watching me & nick cook (he loves my kitchen aid mixer when it's spinning), he holds his own bottle (has since about 5 months), he claps when he's really excited, he pulls him self up to stand(no walking or crawling yet). every time i go to get him out of his crib in the morning he is either standing in it or sitting up playing with is toys. its the cutest thing ever!! he is still scooting his way under the couch just to get stuck and freak himself out, he is walking all over in his bouncer, he's started opening cupboards, almost outgrown his bumbo, loves loves lovesss fruit, hates mashed potatoes. anyways, i just love you baby kruzy & am so happy you are my little man!

weight: 18 pounds 3 ounces

{my amazing friend steph took all of these pictures of kruz, she is seriously soooo talented & is super reasonable! you need to check her out!}
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