Disney On Ice

Kruz and I went on a Mommy/Son date to Disney on Ice! He had such a fun time. The whole way there he was saying, "Goofy's Funnyyyy", he was SO ready for the show! ;) He was sucked into the show the whole time! I cant wait to take him again next year, we had a blast! xoxo


Valentines Day

We had a wonderful Valentines Day this year. We decided to keep it low key this year and stay at home and celebrate with Kruz. We had Crab and Fondue(our favorite)...it was so yummy! Nick has got crab on lockdown, he cooks it perfect! The night before me and Kruz made cupcakes for GG, Pop and the Aunts and Uncles. He wasn't much help other than tasting cupcakes...he may or may not have snuck TWO...little stinker! ;)



LEGO movie 3d

After Nicks basketball game we took Kruz to see the new Lego Movie. He insisted on flipping his glasses upside down once the movie started. He is so silly these days, I love that he tries to have his own independence in every way possible, down to his fashion! He is constantly picking out his own shoes and wont let me put anything else on him! This boy is 2 going on 18!!! 


Oahu 2014

We had an amazing trip to Oahu with the Fox Family. Oahu has so many memories for me and my family and so it was really fun to go with my in laws. We stayed on the North Shore in Laie right by BYU-H where my brother attended and played Golf for. We left Kruz with my mom for the 9 days we were gone, which was a huge worry because we had never left him alone for that long! Needless to say he had a blast with "GG" and his Auntie Nay Nay and Uncle Foryst. They took such good care of him!! Thanks mama! While we were there we went on lots of fun hikes through Waimea Falls, Hauula, we had LOTS of beach days. Including my favorite beach day at Castle Beach where I spotted Jack Johnson with his cute family! I about died, he has been my favorite since high school. My brother surfed with him while he lived there and so I think I spotted him so quickly because I remembered that. PRETTY dang cool! It was a great trip and we can't wait to go back! :)


Christmas 2013

Our Christmas this year was so special! Kruz is at the cutest age and totally gets Christmas. HE may have snuck a few christmas presents in the other room and unwrapped them before Christmas, but I dont blame him! Looking at Christmas presents wrapped under the tree is torture for a little guy! haha. Kruz helped make sugar cookies and treats with me this year. He made a special cookie for "GiGi" & "Pop". After Christmas at our house we went to my moms house for a Yummy Lobster Dinner and presents. Then the day after we went to my dad's house for Breakfast, Presents & Shooting (christmas tradition). 


Stephanie & Joel Welch Wedding

We went to Utah in November for Nick's sister Stephanie's wedding. We couldnt be more happier for her and her new husband Joel Welch! They are so in love and complement each other perfectly! CONRGATS to you two lovebirds, here is to many HAPPY years!! xoxo