6 months

ok, come on... 6 MONTHS??? i really never imagined having a 6 month old this quickly...i thought it would be forever away...this is that time where you have to start planning their bday party, they are learning how to crawl....ahhh, 6 MONTHS!!! seriously kruz is SUCH a wiggler right now at this age, he is starting to not like snuggling...he would rather try and scoot himself towards something on the floor! ha ha. he makes the CUTEST faces. my favorite is the one where he scrunches his nose and his top lip gets really high...it is HILARIOUS! so kruz now has teeth!!! not one, but TWO & he is getting more!!!! btw, teething is so hard! i feel so bad for him, he just has those little "im in pain" whines & it KILLS ME! i wish i could teeth for him! his favorite foods are pears, apples & strawberries. i bought him some turkey & mashed potatoes for him for thanksgiving & i wanted to try it out to see is he liked them...no WAY, he hated it! he is a fruit man, just like his mama! kruz loves to look around and be in the action. if there is a crowd around he is good to go & will be perfect! me & the fox ladies went to time out for women & i brought kruz along. he was such a little angel...didn't fuss ONCE from 9 am to 4 pm. he is SO close to crawling he scoots and scoots his little body around the whole floor, i will have him on his blanket in the living room & if i leave for not even a minute he is underneath the couch (its raised). he would for sure be crawling if he has a smaller head, poor guy cannot even lift up his head! ha ha. also, when i hold him in my arms he starts to crawl up my chest, he just puts one foot in front of the other. he is our little "monkey" kruz also loves to chit chat and laugh. he is still obsessed with his dad...he can make him laugh like no one else! its so sweet, kruz just adores him! anyways, those are the latest updates on our sweet little 6 month old man!

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