5 months

kruz is a sitter, he is so balanced & loves playing with his toys. he rolls over like none other & has started scooting across the room. he is the smiliest little baby & just loves everyone! he chews on everything & loves to grab your face! he also has learned to spit...it was the funniest thing the other day nick's dad was laying down and holding kruz by his legs (kind of pushing him up), somehow alan didn't have a hold on him & kruz fell on his poor little head (luckily alan was laying down on the ground when he fell), but kruz started crying right after that & stopped, looked at alan & spit at him. haha. it was soo funny, he was like don't do that to me grandpa fox! he is sooo getting a personality now! he knows what he likes & doesn't! we are so grateful for a healthy little guy! we love you kruzy, happy 5 months! :)

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