a few more firsts...&hearts

{first time at the pool}
we took kruz to the pool for the first time, it was such a nice day outside!! he was loving just laying out with me, but then nick decided to take him for a little dip in the water to see if he would like it! i knew he was going to scream, he HATES cold water!! he is just like his mom, he loves to be in the sunshine & warm! we know he will come around and get used to it the more we take him, but it was so funny the second his feet touched the water he was not having it! haha.

{first playdate}

kruz had his first play date before we went to the pool with joslyn! we had to snap a few pictures of them together. we're hope they either date or get married someday because these pictures would be way too cute on a wedding slideshow!!! ;) haha. the expressions on their faces are hilarious!!

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