2 {months}

my baby is TWO months old! i cannot believe it, he is seriously such a little cheeser! me & nick are like obsessed with playing with him in the mornings/afternoons because he is the happiest little baby!! he loves to talk & coo at us! he has been loving his play gym & bumbo too! he is such a strong little baby he has been trying to stand since like 4 weeks! he's got some buff little legs!! i sware he's trying to walk before he can crawl! haha. he also loves watching baby enstein!! as soon as i turn it on he locks on & everything else around him is gone! it's so nice for me so i can get things done!! we just love this little man & cannot believe how much he has grown this month!! 

weight: 11 pounds 6 ounces
length: 22.5 inches 
head: 39 cm

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michael. mindy. dane. said...

i can't even believe he's already 2 months! that's crazy! it goes soo fast. he is adorable!!