kruz starting to talk

these videos are for kruz's g.g.! since about 4 weeks old kruzy has recognized his voice and that he can make noises, it is so cute watching him start to coo! i just love it when he gets excited and talks to us! he is such a precious little guy and has the sweetest little smile ever!! 


texas is for lovers said...

I love the baby talk! And I like how you can interpret. :) Hey, just makin' sure you are on for the bloggers day on Monday Aug 15th. Let me know for sure

Jordyn said...

stumbled upon your blog and love it so much! your baby boy is just precious! so handsome! following :)

i loveeee your blog layout as well - very clean and fresh! i'm getting a makeover for mine this summer and we are having our portraits taken this weekend to do so - your layout has me really excited . . . . and definitely inspired! :)