sweet tooth fairy. ♥

this year i was in charge of desserts, actually i feel like i do that every year. example here. anyways, my favorite bakery dippidee was closed so i was kind of in a panic about where i was going to find some yummy treats. luckily my cute friend allyse took me to this adorable cupcake shop called the sweet tooth fairy. needless to say they were a hit & i thought i should share. if you are ever in draper or orem, utah you have to stop by their shop!


Blake & Allyse Boardman said...

MMMMMmm Yay! I looooove it. Kaysi.. i love you too and you guys are my favorite! Why don't we hang out more? We should all just be BFF's.. don't you think? Oh and how the heck is your blog so cute... how do you do that? Mine is lame o!

ChloƩ said...

i love that place! and how cute are those cupcakes?!? oh my goodness i love them! i haven't seen any of the seasonal ones before.. love them! i hope you had a happy easter!!

Adam and Annie Fox said...

wow those totally look awesome! I need to find a place like that around here!!! Hope you guys had a happy easter!!!
by the way i saw the pics of some hair you did.. you re honestly soooo good!!!!Now that s art!!