tHaNkSgIvInG. ♥

{being wierd}

{the yummy bundt cake i brought}

{i didn't get a picture of our thanksgiving table, but this is what it looked like before we had dessert}

{below--nick was sleepy. :)}

{watching the texas vs. texas a & m game}

{my brothers being silly}

we has such a fun time in idaho for thanksgiving. we went up there the day before and had to come home late thanksgiving night because nick had work. so we are missing out on the fun activities. my dad brought up a bunch of sand carts and four wheelers to go up to these sand dunes called saint anthony. we are so sad we are missing it. it was wierd not being in california with all of my family, buy it was still a blast! i just love being with my family, they are the best! i am so lucky to have such wonderful parents and siblings. they make me laugh!

ps. my mom is AMAZING, while everyone was sleeping she cooked the ENTIRE meal for thanksgiving. ughh, she is the greatest!! love her!!


hawaiians4life said...

kaysi so i just wanted to say that 1) you look great! and 2) I totally wanted to cry when you posted about getting homesick..I only survived indiana for 10 months if it weren't for some great friends out there I wouldn't have lasted THAT long! we miss you too ! you are such a doll---cali is wonderful :)

Mills Family said...

Oh Kaysi, so fun! I loved your pics too. thanks for sharing. Thanksgiving is the best huh!