nEw MoOn. ♥

the day before thanksgiving nick and i went with foryst and renee to go see new moon. im not going to lie, i was SOOOO against going, but im like ill just go for renee. so we went and i am in LOVEEEEE. i had no idea how good those movies are. i loved it! i thought it would just be about some wierd vampire things. i was one of the people who made fun of the "twillight freaks", needless to say i am one of those freaks now. hahaha. i left as a TEAM JACOB girl. he is so cute! we went home and watched the first movie because i was addicted! haha.


bren said...

I loved it too, much better than the first one!

sara e.a.* said...

ha. now go watch "shark boy and lava girl" that's where jacob really shines. ha.

Mills Family said...

Oh, I know! I've read the first 3 books...and I didn't have patience to read the 4th book, so a few months ago during my hair appointment...I made my hairdresser tell me the WHOLE 4th book...I won't tell you the ending! SOOOOO, I can't decide if I'm on Team vampire...or Team warewolf! Too much fun! But, I do hear ya....I wasn't about to start being a twilight fan. It took my a whole year longer than all my friends from work to start reading the books a couple years ago. They are really fun and addicting though. I was pleasantly surprised!