{please excuse the picture above, my husband was playing the wii & wouldn't take a picture with me & so he figured that i wouldn't post a picture of him doing that & well....he was WRONG!!! next time don't do that because i can't figure out how to put something in front of it!! what a punk!} {ps. the picture below if me trying to move his hand. haha}

{notice their names on the screen...haha}

for easter we went to one of my parents homes in idaho. it was a BLASTT! it is always such a short trip, but we make the most of it! it is so nice to be on a vacation & to be able to relax & to not worry about doing my hair or caring what i am wearing. love it! the weekend was full of lots of activities such as snowmobiling, bowling, playing with the cute puppies, baking, doing hair, conference, visiting with friends, shooting off bottle rockets at 1 am, using extensions to make mullets. making youtube videos...like this and so much more! when my husband gets with my brothers they get crazy!!! i promise they aren't always like that!! needless, to say i have the best family ever & love them so much!! i can't wait for california & to spend time with my dad & all of of my relatives! yipppiieee!


Adam and Annie Fox said...

Looks like you guys had a pretty good time huh! the video was soooooooo funny!!!....and a little disturbing too! Love the extensions on the boys;) I did that to Josan once...HILARIOUS!!!

Kellee and Brady said...

how fun kays! im so glad you guys got to go to your families!!! and loving your haircolor p.s.


Brittany said...

The first picture is super creepy...but i'm not judging I swear! I love your family! That is so fun that you got to spend easter with them!