nEw YoRk TrIp. ♥

i am so so SOOO close to finishing my bingo card to win the trip to new york for the international beauty show. this is such an amazing opp. and i really NEED your help. so if you know of anyone who needs a cut{12} or color{25} tell them to come and see me. :) you can call paul mitchell and book an appointment or just let me know and i will book it for you! thanks to all of you who have already helped!! :)

ps. if you don't want to put a color on your hair, we have an amazing clear shine that counts as a color for my bingo. it is equivalent to a deep condition, but it lasts longer and it is only 25 dollars!

pss. the contest ends january 31st.


Tiffany A. said...

I so wish I could come have you do my hair!! Good luck, I hope you win the trip!

bren said...

I wish I lived closer to you because I would love for you to do my hair. But good luck with your NY trip, sounds fun! To answer your question, I have a Nikon D80, which I love but there's so much too it, I haven't figured out half of it!

hawaiians4life said...

well if I lived in Utah I would so be all over helping you!!!!! wish you the best and congrats on putting in the offer the pics of your place looks puuuuurfect for you guys!! CONGRATS!!!