nEw YeArS 2010. ♥


{the boys reading a nerdy book that they couldn't stop laughing at}

{and the perverts reading the "position book" hahaha}

{the GIRLS--minus lindsey...they came later}

{waiting for the COUNTDOWN!!}

{the COUPLES. ♥}

{the PARTY}

so this year for new years me and nick threw a party. well kind of...nick literally told me he was having a bunch of his friends come over the night before. so of course me in a panic i had to scramble a bunch of things together. it was such a fun night. we played catch phrase{girls won...OF COURSE}, watched the ball drop, watched a movie and ate & drank until the new year! it was such a blast! i seriously love the friends we have! i am so excited for the new year!! 2010 is going to be a really amazing year, i can already tell! :)


Lisa Fox said...

I love your style...I so wish we lived closer it would be so much fun to throw a party together...just to let you in on a great cheap decor idea is crate and barrel have these amazing glass containers in a few sizes and the biggest one is only 20 bucks...i get SO many compliments and they are totally a great price..just for fun. Great job on ringing in 2010!!

grant + brittany said...

okay your little happy new year sign love nick and kaysi is so cute. how did you do that!!? and all your treats look amazing and hello are you like a pro at food presentation or something?

The Noonan Family said...

LOL your so creative Kas! I love it! I always knew you were A-MA-zing!