LoNg BeAcH cOmPeTiTiOn. ♥


{hollywood glam}
so for this style, i wanted to do something really simple and sleek. i chose a very simple, chic long bob. most people don't know about this trend yet, but i promise that you will be seeing this on all of the future red carpets. the side ponytails and soft curls are out. it is all about the "lob." if you read instyle or elle, you will see that this is the new trend! so with the hair being so simple i chose to do super gorgeous makeup. i went this kind of a bridget bardot look, nude lips and a beautiful smoky eye. {the pictures do not show any of the makeup detail...sad} it was really gorgeous.

{these pictures were both taken on my blackberry so sorry for the crappy quality}

{copy a picture}
we were given a picture that we need to copy the style exactly. i am talking EVERY curl and hair in the exact same place.

{avant garde}
avant garde is supposed to be a look that someone would wear in 20 years. so basically a very different style than you would see anyone wear today. my theme that i started with was, "the queen of hearts", but it ended up looking a little bit more like a juicy couture ad/ marie antoinette-ish. all i can say is that none of these pictures i took of all of the styles did them justice.

the past two weeks at school {paul mitchell --salt lake city} we have had a super fun competition. we competed in 3 different categories; avant garde, copy a picture and hollywood glamour. the top two people with the most points out of all three competitions wins an all expense paid trip to long beach to go to the international salon & spa expo january 30th through the 1st. oh and a fancy ball that we get to dress up all fancy at. above are some pictures of the hair and makeup i did. :) did i mention i am GOING!!!! me and my friend nick won!!! i am so excited, it is going to be a blast. there is going to be so many amazing people there!


Lisa Fox said...

OMG, that is wonderful. How exciting and what an amazing oppurtunity! Congratulations Kaysi that is so great!!

JustLivingMYLife said...

WOW good work doll! I love it those competitions sound like sooo much fun! Dont you just love hair school?!!! :D such an amazing dream to follow! I wouldnt have it any other way! :D
Im so super excited for you! you are going to have a blast!
ps you are georgous! and they styles you did on here were awesome!

Maria said...

congrats thats so awesome!

grant + brittany said...

you should do more posts like this... they are so fun! i love instyle and wish i was daring enough to cut my hair. because i have been obsessed with the lob FOREVER. seriously. i just love it. its just plain sexy