exciting NEWS. ♥

so i am SO SO SOOOO excited to announce that my wedding company is featured as a preferred vendor on utah bride blog!
i cannot even tell you how honored i am to be on there website. 
they are my absolute FAVorite wedding site in utah. 
also, me and nick put an offer on a home today!
2010 is going to be a very exciting year for us, i can feel it!
now if only i knew more people in utah i could win that stinkin trip to 
new york! 
anyways, i had to share i am just to excited. i cannot sleep at night. oh i just love life right now. :)

ps. oh and this camera should be here on monday so if any of you need your pictures done i would LOVE to practice on you! :)


Maria said...

1) congratulations that is soooo awesome im so happy for you!! where did you guys put in the offer?
2) i hate you i want that camera so ad you and I have the same camera now but I want the one your getting!! you going to do photography as well?

makana said...

i WANT that camera too. I have a question so email me your email address. Its about your wedding business...

Ty and Kenz said...

Oh my, girl I had no idea you took pictures. I have been looking everywhere for someone to take our family pics and some of Max. If you are up to the challenge I would LOVE it! I am so excited for you. I love reading your blog, congrats about the mag. I am going to buy it for sure!

Jess said...

hi kaysi! my name is jessica bassett, i'm matt and jamie brasher's niece. i go to BYU and i'm looking for someone to cut my hair! jamie told me about you and i would love to set up an appointment to come in if that works! my email is jessbass91@gmail.com, if you could email me and we can try to set something up that would be great! thanks!

JustLivingMYLife said...

congrats love! that is sooooo awesome!!!! i am seriously so excited for you with both your company and your soon to be new home (fingers crossed for you) :D
love ya girly

Kellee and Brady said...

Yay!!!! I love this post :) I need to see this house sooooon ok? And did you tell nick about the camera finally? Hahahah take my belly pics ya? Love you baby girl!

grant + brittany said...

a new camera and a new house! that is like a dream come true!!!