we kick 'em to the curb unless they look like mick jagger...♥

i am not feeling so good tonight so i am bored at home. my sweet husband went to go workout with his friend brad. so story goes i "misplaced" my i pod a year or two ago and lost ALL of my songs, which stinks because it took me a year or so to upload every song & organize them into playlists. its fine, i'm not bitter i PROMISE! so before we got married nick bought me a new ipod and i am the worst, i have not uploaded any music or anything to it because that is probably the last thing on my mind. so tonight i figured would be the perfect night to find some old songs i used to love and download them. oh how they bring back SO many memories. good & sad! i LOVE music more than anything, it is seriously such a powerful thing! {not trying to sound deep. haha}

remember these songs...

ps. i know, i'm a little ghetto! ;)

pss. what did you listen to? i need some songs and keep trying to think of some!


grant + brittany said...

currently my favorite song-


Robbie Limary said...

So what about your whole britney spears and nsync era. Don't say you didn't love them i remember your posters.