date night. ♥

brady & nick shooting hoops at the skybox

kellee & brady

being silly. :)

i LOVE this boy.

me and my sweet husband!

so for family home evening last week me and nick sat down and decided that we needed to write down all of the goals and things we want to accomplish for the month and forever... and we decided that we don't spend enough time with each other and to solve that we came up with  a weekly date night! so we looked at our calenders  and found that we both had saturday night off and so that was our date night! :) so last saturday me and nick went with some of our married friends to the skybox to watch the cavs game and have some din din! it was SO fun!! we love kellee and brady! they are the cutest couple ever! after dinner, we went to the arcade and played a little air hockey and basketball!! woot woot! it was so fun! then, after that we went back to our house and watched taken and ate some brownies and ice cream! it was such a fun night to be with our friends and to be able to spend time together!!

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Adriana said...

Oh my gosh, I saw Taken last week...isn't it so crazy! And I'm studying in Italy next year, so I'm going, "I am SO not talking to ANYONE when I get there!" That dad is such a bamf.