lately... :)

im just in a blogging mood so why not.. heres what me and nick have been up to...blah blah blah. haha.

first of all, i have the BEST husband ever!! i'm SO lucky to have him! he makes me laugh and smile all of the time! he knows EVERYTHING about me. he knows how to get me in a good or bad mood at the drop of a dime. ughhh, i just cannot get over the fact that im MARRIED and i dont have to say goodnight anymore! i get to fall asleep with my BEST FRIEND everynight!! yes, i have a huge smile on my face as im writing this! haha. i just love him so much--he works so hard at work and school! i cannot wait till he is done and he can just hang out for a minute! vacation anyone?? :) :)

so can i just tell you HOW much i LOVE wedding planning! since, ive started my company my wedding style has changed SO drastically! looking at all of the sites, blogs and magazines is what has done this to me! there are SO many things i would want to go back and change (tuxes, location, centerpieces...etc)...and so many things that would have saved my parents money!! i hope my dad doesn't see that! hahaha. anyways, i just love planning weddings and events! it is such a huge passion of mine to put details together to make someone's special day go smooth and perfect!!

now onto another passion of mine....HAIRRRRRRRR!!!!! ok, so if any of you are wanting to go to cosmetology school you HAVE to go to paul mitchell!! not only do we get the best speakers(top hair stylists in the WORLD), we get the best teachers, classes, cutting and coloring techniques, tools and products!! i feel so blessed that i am able to go to such an amazing school! i need to stop calling hair school , "school" because it isnt it is FUN! its like hanging out with your best friends who love the same thing you do! :)

snow GONE! summer here!! thank GOODNESS! i have never been so happy to get into a 115 degree car in my life! that snow can get a girl depressed and pasty! something about this time of year just gets me happy! wakeboarding, laying out, my birthday, camping, bbq, weddings and baseball games!! woot woot! 

so dun dun dun dunnnnnnn, we have been doing some serious home searching for a while now and have been looking at some homes in the daybreak area(south jordan, utah). we have found some awesome deals down there and its such an awesome area to raise a family! so we will see what happens! :) we will keep you posted!

anyways, i hope you all have had a WONDERFUL and safe memorial day weekend!! we love you all and have you in our prayers!! xoxo

kaysi & nick fox


Colby and Steph Stringham said...

KAYSI!! I know!! I am freakin out! But I just found out my cousin and his cute little family is moving out there as well. So that will make it a little easier! Well Colb leaves in 2 weeks! So I will have plenty of time to have girls nights! So we will have to plan something! I am not going out there until the end of July. SO LETS HANG OUT SOOOOOON!!! Let me know when is best for you... and I'm totally serious too! haha We always say it and never hang out! love ya!

n&e.asay said...

oh wow so you are planning on staying in utah for a while then huh? crazy :D and so funny...when you did the whole dunnn dunnn dunna thing i thought you were gonna announce something else...seeings how i have had like 5 girls tell me they are pregnant this past week, i figured you were going to be. are you guys gonna try again soon or wait? we still have no clue what we are doing, after this last mc in april, i got super depressed. so we are just takin it day by day.

i was super happy to hear all your updates though, sounds like you have a great life and you are enjoying every min of it! :D which is amazing! I so wish we were back in rexburg now instead of moving here, not that i dont love it here, i was just so excited to start P.M. i want to do hair so badly and i know their schools are absolutly amazing!!!
but instead, we are hangin in (barely) in our old apartment, fixin things up and still lookin for work. fun huh haha
anyway i wrote a huge comment...oh well
miss ya! hope you continue to have an amazing time
oh congrats on the house stuff too by the way! that definately will be an experience! :D

Crystal and Steve said...

kaysi, girl, we've got to talk. i live in daybreak, did you know that?!!! call me, because I might have some info. you might want to know- i'm not really gonna post my number here :) so call paige and she'll get it to you.

kirstica said...

You are so darling... is it not the BEST thing to be with your best friend all the time?! sometimes I feel like I am in a dream! You sound so so happy and I could not be more excited for you!
oh and ps my new blog site is:

have a WONDERFUL week!

Kellee and Brady said...

Kaysi baby I am so glad you finally posted something! And it took me like fifteen minutes to read! I hope you are having a good birthday! surfing soon!? I totally want to be able to blog about that adventure. haha love you girl!