tHe BaChElOrEtTe. ♥

so excited to watch the bachelorette tonight!! :) jillian is the cutest!!


Grant + Brittany said...

i can't wait either!

bren said...

Wahoo, I'm excited for this season too! We're watching it on Wednesday nights though, just with a few girls so maybe I shouldnt read your blog until like Thursdays just incase I see something I shouldnt that would spoil anything. :)

n&e.asay said...

In reply to your comment on my blog, lol
i would sooooo LOVE to come visit you sometime in utah, i really miss it there and do need a break, only thing is, i have absolutly NO idea when I will be able to go...you know the whole, broke, husband going to college...need tuition, books, parking fee, no job situation, ya, thats where im at right now, oh ya and all of that plus stuck in an apartment thats falling apart hahaha

life is not that bad though, our apt is cleaning up great, i cant wait till we can paint it and get stuff fixed/ updated, maybe by the time all that is over with, you could come stay out here and we could go to memphis and hang out w elvis or somethin ;) haha miss ya girly