happy mothers day...a little late. ♥

i dont know how many of you have met my mother and i dont mean to brag, but i have the best mother in the entire world!! she is so hardworking, supporting, loving, giving, nicest, GENUINE person i know!! im honestly in tears writing this because my mom is my BEST friend and i haven't seen her in a while and i HATE it. for any of you utahans want to know why girls from california hate utah--well it's because we're away from our mothers and family!!! anyways, i just am so grateful to my heavenly father for sending me to my mother. i could just see me up in heaven nagging heavenly father to send me to my mom!! haha. she is the best! she always listens to me, answers the phone (3am...actually i think the record for that may be 5 am) and gives the BEST advice. i hope someday i am half of the mother she was to me and my brothers!! i LOVE you mom!! xoxo

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Shawn and Brittany said...

I am so lucky to know your mom! I know all of us love her!