the big 2-1!! :)

the birthday desert!!

SOOOO good!

me and nickers!

goofing off in the car!

he's secretly posing right there!

brent & alexa!!

they're so cute together!!


one of the pairs of shoes nick got me!! oh he knows the way to a girls heart! shoes and a mac!

playing with i photo and i face!! LOVE it!

the new "office" set up...nick is SO happy about it because he finally has a place at home to study! :)

my husband is the best!! i'm officially a mac girl!!

so my birthday was on monday (june 1st) and it was such a fun, relaxing day!! so i started the day off by sleeping in till like 10(so rare) then i went to our pool at our apartment and layed out for a few hours!! it felt SO nice to just chill! perfect way to start off the day...so later that day nick wanted me to meet him at the gateway after he got off of work to go pick up one of my birthday presents (my computer...YEYYY!) so exciting, i LOVE it!!  it's such a fun computer!! haha. then, we went back to our house and got ready for dinner with brent and alexa at red robin! they are such a fun couple!! we're so lucky to have such good friends!! :) then later we went back to our place and watched a movie. BEST night ever!!


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

happy birthday! how exciting!!!

n&e.asay said...

awe :D that sounds like a super amazing b day, and you have a good hubby to spoil you as well! a mac, shoes, and that HUGE dessert haha it all looked amazing!

what does your hubs do for work? you are working as well as school too arent you? where do you work?

Adriana said...

I love my Mac too! They're just so sleek and sexy....haha. I love ya Kaysi! Happy late birthday!

April said...

That cake is massive! It looks so good. Glad you had a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

That is so fun! happy late birthday! so sre you working for mac? You are so cute! I want to see more pic's! How are you feeling? tell us more (when you get a chance of course)