dinner with the hunsakers & mcdowells. :)

tonight we went over to brady and kellee's house to have a little din din after church!! so yummy kellee made turkey steaks and french bread, alexa brought the mashed potatoes and i brought the brownies and ice cream!! it was such a good dinner! afterwards, we played catch phrase--boys against girls (the girls totally won)! go girls!! haha. it was a pretty intense game! we are so lucky to have such good married friends in utah!! we love them and are so thankful for their friendships! :)


Kellee and Brady said...

What an AMAZING night! we love you guys! I think i made a fool of myself in charades... hehe this should definitely be something we do more often!

n&e.asay said...

umm k so i think we are missing a post on here from you hahaha
last post i saw was your b day and you had your long blonde hair, now its dark...and looks short, is it chopped off or was it just pulled up?

anyway you guys look like you are having tons of fun out there :D hope all is well :D

April said...

What a FUN group!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!