kelly cardenas came to visit us at paul mitchell. ♥

angela giving me a scalp treatment and deep condition. :)

me, kellee && alexa

so today at paul mitchell, we had a little suprise visit from the infamous kelly cardenas. he is a platform artist and amazing stylist that has been tearing through the beauty industry for the last twenty years. we had the privilege of meeting him and listening for a few hours. all i can say is what an inspirational, talented guy!! if you are ever in the vegas or chicago area you should definitely stop by one of his salons!! oh and in the above picture is my lovely girlfriends kellee (on the right) and alexa (on the left). i just love them. i'm just so happy to be going to paul mitchell, it really is the best school!!


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

That is so awesome!!! How fun!! It would be so much fun to go to school like that! I fully intend to some day!

Shawn and Brittany said...

Good for you Kaysi! I always thought cosmetology school would be so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

Do you go to the one right next to Cinema 6 movie theater? I got my hair done at Evolve on Thursday and I thought I saw you in the parking lot. If so I live like two minutes away from your school!

Ty and Kenz said...

Kaysi, oh my stars I can't believe I found your blog. I talked ot jordan a while ago and he said that you got married. Congrats, and congrats 1000times on being pregnant. I just had my first 4 months ago and being a mom is absolutely wonderful. I am so happy for you. Oh and I have a blog too but its private. If you email me I will add you. sweetswan03@hotmail.com And do you live in utah??? Because I do and we should get together if you do! Sorry this was so random.
McKendra Payne(berry)

n&e.asay said...

geeze, everytime you post another pic on here it makes me even more jealous! haha i wish i could be going there with you! thatd be soooo much fun! haha

Kellee and Brady said...

I love how you just randomly added a few more pictures to this post ahhaha i love you sexy girl!