MiCaH's FaReWeLl PaRty. ♥

all of us hanging out at cyd & jeff's house

everyone after eating cyd's amazing cheesecakes!!

gage, mike, grandma fox, brandon(my brother) and monica.

ter bear & big al. aka. nick's mom & dad. :)

nick and his cute mom terry.

brandon & monica.

so today after church we all headed up to cyd and jeff's house for a farewell party for micah--who is leaving on his mission (san jose, california) in a few weeks. it was so fun--this was one of the first times i got to meet a lot of the fox family. they are such a fun group of people. i got to hold nick's cousin adam's cute baby for a little bit!! i was in heaven he is the cutest, sweetest little guy ever!! i just hope when me and nick have babies that they will be as behaved and sweet as he was!! haha...ya right!! :)


Adam & Annie Fox said...

I m so happy that our son doesnt -seem to- have my temper! oh yeah! thats just perfect the way it is! It was fun meeting you as well by the way;)

Jason, Ginny and Oliver said...

Kaysi we live in San Jose area, so maybe we will meet this missionary. We can have him over for dinner and make sure he is well taken care of.