the big wedding checklist....

the last minute things to do....dun dun dun
my mom and me seperating skittles for one of the vases in the candy bar.
haha. the things we do for weddings....

right now we are down  to four days till the wedding and these are some pictures of the last minute things we have been doing!!! i cannot believe it is ALMOST here!!!! oh man, i am SOO excited!!! i hope you all can make it--its gonna be the best day of my life!!! i love nick SOO much! :)


n&e.asay said...

ohhh thats so awesome! hehe i love skittles!
i cant believe it is almost here either but im so so happy for you and soooo wish i could be there :(
but know that i am there in spirit ;) hehe
much love to you both!!! <3

Anonymous said...

dude I totally wanted to do a candy bar! ha So cool. Im just doing a dessert bar thingy.