nEw CaMeRa. ♥

next time i am at these doors i will be MRS FOX!!!!!
the gorgeous fountains in front of the temple.
oh you know just soakin in some rays. haha.
i dont know how i have all of the crazy pictures this time.
aubree is GORGEOUS!
nightime outside of my house. the moon was even more amazing in person.
cornelius avenue
aubs in front of the sacramento temple.
flower at the temple.
these flowers are actually in the front of my house. pretty, huh??
aubree smelling flowers.
laughing is all i do with aubree!!
im SOOO excited to be married there this time of year--everything is SOO gorgeous!!
oh hey!!
flowers at the temple
holiness to the Lord.
the temple im  getting married in!!! yey yey yey!!
hanging out on the lawn in front of the temple...
my new camera. :)
so a few weeks ago i decided to go and buy me and nick a camera for all of the festivities that we are about to embark in. can i just tell you how much i LOVE this camera. me and aubree just took a major photoshoot at the temple today. :) anyways, i just love this camera the picture are so much more clear than my old camera. i just wish it was a little smaller so i could take it everywhere!!

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April said...

Doug got me this camera for our anniversary. There is a great camera bag at Walmart. It's a hard case, with a handle and a strap. It's dark dark blue. It really makes carrying this camera around very easy; also protects it from my clumsy moments. The case is pretty inexpensive too.