this is wear we will have a small ring ceremony before the reception with all of our family and close friends. i couldn't find any other pictures of the hyatt, but if you're bored you should check out this website. it's such a beautiful hotel!! it's right across from the california state capitol. something i thought was so cool is that arnold swarzenager(or however you spell it... :P) and his family live on the very top floor of the hotel. me and nick were joking around about inviting him. :) heyyy, maybe he'll come down and cut a rug with us!! ;)

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n&e.asay said...

hey hun i absolutly love the outfits you choose for your girls! they will look amazing. I got the invite in the mail yesterday and they are SOOOOO cute! I loved it!
I didnt know the wedding was so soon :( I really wanted to try to make it out there but Im not sure I can go now :(
But I know you will look beautiful! I cant wait to see all your pics!