IMPORTANT NEWS!!!! we switched temples and the date--we are no longer getting sealed in the salt lake temple. we decided to move everything to sacramento. the sealing, ring ceremony and the reception! we're are SOO excited, it has really taken a lot of pressure off of me with the whole back and forth planning thing. this will all be taking place on OCTOBER 17th, 2008. we hope to see you there on our special day. :)


n&e.asay said...

i cant wait to see your dress all finished. you will look so beautiful!!! thats a good idea chosing the temple thats in your location, planning my wedding in Utah while I was in Rexburg was way too hard! Plus the Sac temple is amazing!! My favorite one, although SLC was always my fav growing up haha. I wish I could go to your wedding :( maybe I will find a way to get out there hehe
Good luck w everything doll, let me know if you need any help or advice :)

Jamie said...

Everything looks absolutely Amazing! Especially the gorgeous bride in her BEAUTIFUL dress!!! (i can't stress that enough!) You are totally making me want to re-plan my whole wedding!!!!!

Doyle and Chelsea said...

good choice on the temple! we were going to get married in the oakland temple but at the last minute changed to the sacramento temple and we loved it!! :)