christmas 2011 {kruz's first}

we had a wonderful christmas this year! we spent it for the third year in a row in utah because of nick's job & because nick's brother rob & his wife were getting sealed! here's to hoping next year we will go home and there isn't anything big going on during the holidays! ;) haha. anyways, we still managed to see my mom, cousin renee & brother foryst on their way to california for christmas. they SPOILED kruz!! my mom got kruz a new high chair, lots of toys, new gates so he isn't falling down our long stairs, lots & LOTS of clothes (picked out by renee) & the CUTEST bear chair EVER for the harvester(family joke). oh & i got my first & probably my last sewing machine! it is so nice, it's a viking and my mom said it's a really good one so i have of course been using that like none other! :) this year for christmas from me & kruzy nick got a trip to go to new york/new jersey where he went on his mission! we are excited to go! :) & mine was a trip to california in a few weeks!! i'm excited to see my family...we will be missing seth though because he will be in arizona for flight school! all in all we had a wonderful first christmas with kruz, he loved opening presents! which was so much fun to watch, he was obsessed with the wrapping paper! i cannot even tell you how many times i had to pull wrapping paper out of his mouth, little stinker!! here are a few of the pictures from christmas this year! 
{all christmas-ed out}
{terry got the boys matching outfits}
{megan & rob's sealing on the 21st}
{loving his new high chair & bib from grandma ginny}
{kruz's first christmas ornament from grandma ginny}

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