8 months

yayyy for 8 months old! kruzer is now crawling officially! he only takes about 4 steps until he goes onto his head! he is hilarious & loves to put his head in the carpet & his butt high up in the air! haha. he has also learned quickly to hold his head-up when he crawls because of our hard floors...poor guy! every morning he is standing up in the crib waiting for us to grab him & it's the cutest thing ever!! the other side of that is he loves to pull himself up on EVERYTHING, cabinets, dressers, mirrors, his carseat when its sitting in the front room, his bouncer, high chair...EVERYTHING! i have to watch him like a hawk or else he starts screaming like, "oh crap mom, i cant pull myself up anymore & i might fall!" thats pretty funny though because i know exactly what he is doing even if i don't see him! haha. he is such a baby now! he is super fun right now! he loves strawberries (like his mommy), sweet potatoes & fruit juice! he loves looking out the window at the lake & cars going by, he always loves looking at himself in the mirror! i was at the nike store the other day & i sat him on the floor by me when i was trying shoes on and he caught a glance of himself in the mirror & started giggling and smiling! it was so cute! this month he has became a little chatterbox, talking non-stop! we love it...well, except when you are screaming/talking in the grocery store and people are looking at me like you're fussing or something, but your not! :) you just talk REALLY loud!! haha. we love you baby kruz, happy 8 months!!! :)

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Erin Marie said...

What a cute little boy! Those eyes!!