ally + david's wedding

we had so much fun going home for ally & david's wedding at the oakland temple! it was so nice to go back there! i still call the oakland temple my "home temple" because i grew up going there all my life. they built the sacramento temple the year i graduated from high school & moved to utah so i never got to go there for sessions or anything before i got married in the sacramento. anyways, it was just awesome to go back after such a long time & go with nick & take kruz for his first visit! ally & david's wedding was so beautiful, it was at a house in elk grove she knows the owners of. seriously ally's mom did such an amazing job with every little detail, it was to die for...my favorite part was for sure the tea cups filled with flowers & the shepard's hooks with flowers!! good job kath! ;) CONGRATS ally & david LINK!!!!! so happy & excited for you two, it was a long time coming!!


Brooke said...

you are such a babe and from the looks of your blog you only have pretty friends. beautiful wedding/couple

Lisa Fox said...

Brooke's comment made me laugh. it's true it does look like you only have good looking friends. too funny. By the way, I LOVE the smore idea..too cute. All the details were so pretty and fun. what a fun wedding.