kruz's very FIRST halloween

kruzer, was a puppy for his very first halloween {6 months old}! & he was the most adorable little puppy, might i add! i am just so in love with this little squirmy munchkin! when we first tried on his costume, he was hating the puppy ears and kept pulling it off of his head, it was hilarious! he tipped over trying to pull it off while we were at the allen's. we had a perfect little halloween, with our friends. we went out to eat with todd, christine, zach & tiff. it was fun because we all had the babies! of course, zach & my husband both showed up wearing mullets, seriously i don't think mullets will ever get old to these two! 


Jonathan & Nicole said...

You three couldn't be any cuter! Kruz is the cutest 'puppy' I know! =)

Nikki & Drew said...

I just love his little face sooo much!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

so so so cute! i love love it!