be original, don't die a copy cat

the quote above has really helped me the past 3 years. i know everyone has those friends in your life. {i don't know if you should call them your friends, but they're still there.} you know those ones that like to do everything you're doing. for example...here is part of my frustration... remember when i started my wedding & events company a few years ago?? literally within two months after launching my site, investing lots of money for marketing & logos i come to find TWO of my so called friends thought it would be a good idea to start a wedding/party company & blog. when i found out, i'm not going to lie i was devastated, i thought seriously? why can't they get their own ideas. i called my mom because i talk to her about everything & she couldn't believe it either! i could go on forever about how betrayed i felt from it. just so you know both of those people "event business's" are no more as of today, figures right?? & both of them swore it had nothing to do with me starting one, they had been wanting to do it for a long time before i had started it. it was just funny timing! i'm going to stop boring you with this story because this blog is not intended to be negative at all. OK, so the reason i brought up this story is because of the new launch of wedding & children accessories line i just opened on etsy, which is supposed to be a branch off of my wedding & event's inspiration blog! i have been VERY VERY hesitant to tell everyone about it. i shouldn't be, right?? imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?? WHO EVEN BELIEVES that statement, anyways?? haha. ok, but seriously! i'm completely over all of that now, but always starting a new venture scares me that someone will. & to be honest i'm sure "those" friends will, but that's ok!

i'm really really excited about it, it is the perfect thing for me to do right now in my life. especially being a full time stay at home mom & having a hair degree, it just makes sense. i cannot wait till my wedding collection is finished, it is going to be full of stunning sashes, hair pieces & brooches for everyone from the bride to the flower girls! i have some great stuff right now, but it is tailored more for girls. i have really shabby chic accessories, ruffle rompers & lace leggings for girls.

i am constantly updating it, so i will have to do a post when i have all of my wedding couture up! :) way way wayyyy excited! here is my site!

also, i am doing a giveaway on my wedding blog right now for a pottery barn cupcake stand, you wont want to miss it!! go here to enter!


Erin Marie said...

Ooooh I totally know how that goes. You just have to do your own thing, be the best you can be, and things will work out for you!

B&A said...

Okay I promise I'm not copying you hahaha About a month ago I started doing baby headbands cause people asked me too. hahaha Yours are a lot different tho. Love you girlie and your etsy!

Jen said...

Kaysi! First off I miss you! Second, you are so talented miss! I'm so glad I'm having a girl so I can buy some of these adorable things you are selling! Also you should be flattered by people wanting to be like you! You are beautiful!! And you are very charismatic, stylish and unique! Im so glad you are doing so well girl! Don't let those (friends) get to you. They are envious of you and your success! Good luck with everything miss!