vacation, staycation??

i really don't know if we are coming back home to utah... juuuustttt kidding!!! ;) but we sure are enjoying being back here! MISSING nick of course, but kruzy is loving being with all of his uncles & grandparents! he has been having lots of "guy time" with his gpa! this morning gpa took him and put him in his stroller and he watched gpa hit golf balls they have also been watching lots of golf! he loved it! we've gotta start em young!! my brother brandon is going to take him for his first flight in the super cub tomorrow, we will see how he does! & my cousin renee can get him to giggle like no one i have ever seen!! she knows all of his ticklish spots, its the funniest thing!!! haha. so anyways, we should be back next monday so get ready for lots & lots of pictures! 

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