monica's bridal shower

i threw monica a bridal shower on friday & it was so fun! she has the cutest friends ever, all of them are so sweet!! it was a fun evening, we had lots of desserts & yummy cupcakes from swirly girls bakery in daybreak, lemon bits & macaroons from the sweet tooth fairy! everything was so good, we all definitely filled up! ;)  anyways, me & nick are so happy for monica & ryan! they are the perfect couple, you can just tell see how much they love each other when they are around each other! me & nick's story is really similar to theirs in the way that they knew really fast they were supposed to be together & so i think thats why we have a special little place in our heart for them!! i cannot wait for the wedding...august 18th is going to be such a wonderful day!! love you moni & ry! we cant wait for ry to be apart of the family!! oh & click here for a video that i made that we played as a game that night.


Megan Rose Belingheri Fox said...

Wow! AMAZING! You did a great job on that shower. I am sad I missed it!

Lisa Newman said...

So pretty, Kaysi!