oreo truffles

i just had to share the recipe for these amazing oreo truffles. they are so yummy, definitely a must try! the first time i tried them was at my baby shower in california, my aunt mary is an amazing cook and gave me the recipe! so i had to for sure make them for kruz's blessing! i think they were a hit and super EASY! :)

what you need:
1 pkg of oreos
1 pkg of cream cheese {softened}
8 ounces of semi sweet bakers chocolate

all you do is crush up the oreos & put them in the food processor until they are completely broke down. then, you add the cream cheese and mix it all together. next, you shape into 1 inch balls & dip them in the melted chocolate. put them all on wax paper & refrigerate them for 1 hour! & walaaa they are done! that was all of the steps!! easy right, & even more delicious! beware they are SUPER rich so have a glass of water close by! :)

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Leah said...

And here I thought I was the only one who made these lol dang it! Glad you shared this! These are probably the yummiest things ever and so worth every calorie! They are also fun for holidays using different colored chocolate :) Love your blog Kaysi!