kruz's baby blessing

kruz was blessed today & it was such a special day! we had lots of family & friends there & nick did such a good job on his blessing! i was worried that kruz might fuss or something, but he was so perfect the entire first hour of church! he's always so content, we are so lucky!! he honestly only fusses if he has a dirty diaper or is hungry! he is one happy little baby!! after his blessing we had everyone over for brunch! it was yummy!! thanks to everyone who came out & shared his special day with us!! {including my grandma & gpa hutchinson that came all the way from california!!} :) we were so excited to have them here! we were sad my dad couldn't make it, but my grandma donna has been in the hospital with heart problems since july 3rd so there was no way he could come out!! we missed you dad!! anyways enjoy some of the pictures! :)


MistyJ said...

Omg How adorable is that. Your have the cutest son ever. And from what I can see of your house, Im totally in love. I have wood kitchen cabinets just like yours and counter tops that are similar, I would love to see pictures of your house and see your home decor style. It would help me with ideas for my apartment, seeing as I just moved in. Please Please Please post pix of your home, which im sure is absolutely beautiful.

Ps you are great at throwing parties, I love the way your decorate. Also what' an email address i can contact you at? I would love to discuss decor, fashion and how you like living in salt Lake City. I'm a California girl myself but would love to move someplace else, but just want opinions. Thanks girl

bren said...

Seriously, you are my decorating inspiration. :) By the way, I just have to say that Foryst seems like the nicest kid ever! We saw him at church a few weeks ago and Rusty and I were both impressed with him. Maybe he should call my sister Kaisa. haha