some quality time with my little man. ♥

everyday, i take kruz in his stroller for a walk around the lake! it's so fun to just go outside with him!! he loves looking around and being in the sun!! it's also an amazing way to work on my tan/workout!! its like the perfect double whammy!! haha. it's just a little bit under 4 miles so if any of you want to come walk with me, i usually go around 11! 


Christine & Todd said...

I really wanna start comin just give me a week or two. I'm so excited Joss just loves Kruzy!!!

Christa said...

Love your blog! im your newest stalker ;)

The Sundloff's said...

Your little guy is sooo dang cute! Looks like you have so much fun with him! I secretly would love to move to daybreak it looks like pleasantville :)) so fun!