who will kruz look like...part 2.

remember this post?? well, since i am over my due date & just waiting at the house for this baby to get out i'd figure i would finish the post i was supposed to do forever ago. anyways, here are some of my baby pictures. me & nick are so anxious to meet our sweet little boy & are really excited to see who he takes after!! we know he is going to look nothing like we think, but it will be so fun to see!! now hurry up and get here kruzy!!!



McCormick Family said...

These are so cute! You were a darling baby. I am so excited for you and can't wait to see this baby!!! Love you so much!

Carlyn said...

you guys are gonna have the cutest lil man in the world I cannot wait to see pictures of the lil guy! I'm so happy for you!