29 weeks


here's my preggo pic of the week! ;) i just love getting bigger....NOT! haha, i know it will all be worth it in the end, but seriously how much longer?!?! i am DYING to hold this little guy in my arms!! we have my dad in town this weekend & its been a blast! we just love having him stay with us!! anyways, i will update more soon! i just wanted to get this picture up while i had a second! hope you all are having a lovely sunday!!


B&A said...

Oh my gosh you are so cute! literally the perfect pregnant woman! I can't wait to see you!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!

B&A said...
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grant + brittany said...

could you actually give us a profile view or what?! i want to see a real BUMP here!

oh and i bought pink moccasins like a year ago at savers because they were actually really really cute. i have three brown pair for a little boy! ha ha

and ya people go crazzzyyyy with little girl wardrobes.

i always found cute boy stuff thrifting, but i love old man style so i don't know.

i love all your posts. they are so fun.

Kellee said...

You look so good kays! Can't wait to see this baby belly in person! LOVE YOU MOMMA!

McCormick Family said...

You are so tiny it kills me! I loved seeing you the other night and can't wait tell thursday! Love you so much! You seriously look so cute!

The Knights said...

How cute is your baby bump!!