i whip my hair back & forth


my husband has started growing out a mustache & i am NOT having it! so sick, we will see how long this lasts!! oh & we're obsessed with willow smith's song right now! she is so stinking cute!!! oh & i sware i will get to those pictures of the house, when i get a second...it is not even decorated yet, but just so you can take a peek! we are such homebodies now. if we aren't at work, we're doing something at home!! it's fun! oh & we saw the movie, "unstoppable" this past weekend it was SO good! we highly recommend it! i sware chris pine looks exactly like a guy i dated in high school ,but with different hair! it trips me out! oh & i asked nick to take a picture of my bump yesterday and he was about to and then he told me i didn't have one to show yet & i assure you he is wrong! i will have him do it this week! :)


JustLivingMYLife said...

oh my gosh thats the first time ive heard that song it is freakin sick! i love her! :D

cant wait to see pics of the baby bump! :D

lol oh and ya i am right there with ya, facial hair is a no go :P yucky!

B&A said...

LOOOVVVVE THAT SONG!!!!! Freak! I miss you guys, and nick---- one two words.... nice teeth! hahaha but really I want Brent to grow a stache but he won't!!!

Kaysi- Bring on the pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Lacey* said...

Ok I have to ask, only because I think Jordan looks exactly like Chris Pine too. is that who you were referring too? that's so funny:) congrats on the upcoming babe!

Mills Family said...

OH, you two are so cute! And so fun! I love the mustache! haha, and if you get too grossed out...just know that Jay grew a big huge homeless-man's type of beard for many many months this past year. Yes, I have experienced much much worse than your honey's mustache. :) haha. Oh, I can't wait to see pictures of your "bump"...congrats again!!

Megan Rose Belingheri Fox said...

1. I haven't heard that song before, but just listened to it and I really like it!

2. I am with you on mustaches, I think they are soo gross.

3. Can't wait to see pics of the house. So post some quick!

4. Glad to hear unstoppable is good. We just saw Morning Glory and really liked it.

5. Yay for the baby bump!