30 questions


1. when is your "marriage" anniversary? "engagement" anniversary?

our marriage anniversary is october 17th, 2008 & our engagement is july 4th, 2008

2. where/how did you meet your spouse for the first time?
we were setup on a blind date through a mutual friend, we went to dinner at our favorite red robin (classy, i know) with his family & then went back to my apartment & watched the holiday. even though we couldn't stop talking through the entire movie!! it was the best!

3. how long have you known your spouse:
3 years

4. how long did you date/court before you were engaged?
7 months

5. do you have any children:
one on the way, our sweet little baby kruz! :)

6. do you have any house pets:
no, thank goodness! house pets are gross...animals belong outside!

7. what are some of your favorite activities together:
currently, home shopping! we love looking at home stuff right now, its so fun! haha. buttt, we love to snuggle, watch movies, cook  & anything together! its nice when we go out just us two!

8. do you have a favorite vacation spot:
going home to california is the best, we always have the most fun or new york!!

9. where was your first date?
red robin, gosh that just sounds so ghetto! haha

10. when did you first kiss? 
new years, it wasn't even when the ball dropped! he waited because he was so nervous & didn't want to kiss me in front of a bunch of people for the first time and put me on the spot! it was the sweetest thing, we got back to his house and we're just talking in the car for hours & then he asked if he could kiss me, it was SOOO cute! i just love my sweet little nicky poo!

11. who said i love you first? 

he did ! :) it took me a few weeks after that to say it back because i wanted to make sure i really loved him. oh & he was the only guy i had ever said it to! i was saving it for the best!

12. did you get married in a church? 
no, the sacramento temple.

13. do you get flowers often?
every once in a while, butttt nick know the way to my heart! decorations or something ive been eyeing for a while. the other day he brought be home this amazing mirror i have been wanting! it was the best!

14. where did you go on your honeymoon:
we stayed at the hyatt regency, in sacramento(where our reception was) in an amazing suite the first night. the next day we stayed at the w in westwood and then the next day we flew to cabo san lucas and stayed at the riu palace for a week! it was the most amazing vacation ever!!

15. how long did you know each other before you started dating?
we didn't know each other at all, it was setup!

16. what do you call each other most of the time?

hun & babe. haha

17.where dID YOU EACH GO TO school?


18. which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
not seeing each other very much, our lives are so busy right now. thankfully we are night owls and catch up at night or on the weekends!

19. did you go to the same school?
nope, we lived in different states.

20. are you from the same home town?
no he's from holladay, utah & i am from sacramento, california

21. who is smarter?
hmmm, common sense....id say. haha, i'm not even answering this!

22. who is more sensitive?
we both are!
23.where do you eat out most as a couple?
red robin, biaggis, bonsai, cafe rio & joes crab shack.

24. what attracted you about him/her first?
this is going to sound silly, but we talked on the phone for like two weeks before we actually met so i would say his heart, like who he really was! he is the sweetest guy ever! i love him so much!

25. who is more social?
nick said me! ;)26. who is the neat-freak?

you mean ocd??? NICKKKKKKKK!! hahahaha

28. who hogs the bed?

nick said me!! :(

29. who wakes up earlier?

depends on our schedule, this morning nick was up like an hour before me! he was up at 5 in the morning, who does that?!?!

30. what are his favorite things and her favorite things?
nick: me, basketball, me, the jazz, me, u of u football, shoes, golf, working out, sheeva, days off, back massages, when kaysi cooks for me, the guitar, cafe rio, not school, new jersey.

kaysi: nick, chocolate, doing hair, planning parties & dinners, NICK, nick, nick, desperate housewives, the real housewives of beverly hills, ucla, my family & nick, decorating the house, laying out, doing makeup & shopping! 

everyone should fill this out, its fun to think back on those memories & i want to see yours! :)

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Adam and Annie Fox said...

that was so fun to read. lots of things we didnt know;)