17 week check up

today we had our 17 week checkup! i am now at the enjoyable part of my pregnancy, im not feeling sick anymore! im still a little tired, but i think that's pretty normal! i can't believe i passed the sugar test, im just waiting for them to tell me no more sweets! that will be a sad day! haha. anyways, we got to look at the baby & see the heartbeat again! everything looks perfect and normal! the babe's heartbeat was 158! we cannot wait for our baby to get here, every appointment that we have we get more and more impatient! dr irion said that our baby looked a lot like nick, i thought that was cool! anyways, im just praying that this baby is healthy and that everything develops the way it should...oh & that it goes by fast! haha, im not a pregnancy person! i just want to hold my sweet baby already!

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