CaRvInG pUmPkInS. ♥

the other night we went out with steph & nick & went back to terry & alan's house to carve pumpkins, make some pumpkin seeds & watch a movie. it was a lot of fun, however i always forget how hard it is to carve a pumpkin! oh & nick was in one of his little ,"i don't want to take pictures moods" (what's new??? haha) so sorry about the lame pictures (nick & steph look cute though). i thought our pumpkins all turned out pretty cute! i loved steph's cute little jack o lantern with eyelashes. haha. oh & that wierd looking pumpkin on the left was nick's...he was trying to make a mullet pumpkin because he's obsessed with them! 


B&A said...

hahahahaha nick's mullet pumpkin!!! thats hilarious! Craving pumpkins are so hard! Love you!

the momma-kana said...

what fun night! Love the pictures too!