NeWpOrT fAmIlY vAcAtIoN. ♥

so i'm sure from the mass amount of posts below you can tell that we went on a family vacation to newport! it was such a great week, we did so much & just enjoyed the beach! terry & alan rented a beach house for all of us right by the beach! so nice of them, i guess it has been a family tradition for them to go down to newport and stay since nick was in 8th grade! so anyways, enjoy the thousands of pictures i took! ;) haha.

{family bbq}
terry had everyone on her side of the family come out for a family bbq & day at the beach! it was fun getting to meet people that i have heard so much about!! all of them are so so sweet! it makes us want to move to california even more! 

{ferry to balboa island}
we decided to go on the balboa island ferry after dinner! we had a fun time even if it felt like we were in a ghost town because it was so late! i just love our family!!

{newport beach}
we got to meet terry's best friend from high school who was her maid of honor. it was cute hearing them talk about their stories back in the day! 

{crescent beach}
we went to laguna one day just because it is one of our favorite beaches! seriously, crescent beach is one of the prettiest beaches! i love going there! 


Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

Looks so so fun! LOVE your new header!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Your family looks like they are so much fun! Love the pics.