i saw this on my friend's blog & i had to share! i am seriously in tears after watching this, what an amazing man with such a strong testimony! i love this video because it is such a good reminder of how lucky i am to be able to have such a good relationship with my heavenly father & to be able to lean on him in hard times like he did! i am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband & family that i love so much!!


Judd & Liz said...

kaysi! i am a follower of your cute blog & i love it! i am friends with madison worsham.. you went to hair school with her! so she showed me your blog! anyway, this accident happened right by madison's house & we were actually on the scene of the accident after it happened. such a tragedy but so amazing to watch this video & see how he's doing! thanks for sharing this with everyone because it really is so amazing.

Doyle and Chelsea said...

oh my gosh, this story is so sad but so inspirational. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it!!