my birthday. ♥

i had such a wonderful birthday this year! thank you to all of my friends & family for the sweet cards, voice mails, comments & texts! you guys are the best! i felt so loved this year! i had school today as usual, but left early to go to a yummy dinner at the beautiful la caille! we had such a fun night just talking & celebrating! i love my husband so much, he is awesome and always knows how to make make feel so special!! & to top it off nick gave me the best back massage EVER when we got home. i LOVE you babe! also, my amazing best friend alexa, who moved back to california sent me these gorgeous flowers! probably made my whole day, she is so thoughtful!! you have no idea how awesome that girl is, i am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend. it just made me miss her even more!! :( anyways, all in all such a wonderful night!! i love my husband, friends & family! thanks for making it such an amazing birthday!! 


Carlyn Grubbs said...

oh my gosh you guys look like you had so much fun! Happy belated birthday girl! xoxo

Brent and Alexa said...

I LOVE YOU KAYSI!!! I didn't get a chance to call you though! I'm glad you got the flowers I was so worried you were going to leave early!!! You're messages and voice message made me cry! I love you so much and I can't wait till your in CALI!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday again my dear!!!

grant + brittany said...

i will reply to your hair comment soon. thankyou SO much for taking the time to do that! you are a sweetheart and i really appreciate that.

Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like a lot of fun. That cake is adorable and that place is beautiful! what a sweet husband, massages are the best!

love that picture in the post below. i want to make a travel list now!