our {travel} bucket list

that last few months i have had traveling on my mind. i always think of these random places that i want to go to & i figured that i should probably write them down. so here are some of the places i want to go in the next few years. a lot of these places i have already been to, but i want to go again and experience them with nick. :)

seattle, washington
san diego, california
atlanta, georgia
washington, d.c
napa valley, california
miami, florida
lake tahoe, california
chicago, illinois
new jersey
nyc, new york
aspen, colorado
moab, utah
los angeles, california
scottsdale, arizona
monterey, california
nashville, tn
dallas, texas
palm springs, california


makana said...

I like this list! You can stay with us if you make a stop over in Houston!

Leah said...

I think you forgot a place... BOSTON :)