manti trip. ♥

see his eyes, poor guy!

this weekend we went to manti to see the miracle pageant and to hang out at christine's parents! it was soooo soo much fun! me & nick had never been to the pageant before so we were pretty excited to see what it was like! we LOVED it. for the little time they had they did a great job trying to fit some of our churches events in. after the pageant we went back to christine's house & went hot tubing! yes, those outfits are from the 80s!! haha. none of us brought our swimsuits so we had to either wear christine's from when she was 12 or claire(her moms, which i wore) or reeds(christine's dad). we were laughing so hard, we had to take a picture! i secretly loved claire's swimsuit, i thought it was way cute! :) the next day, i only took a few pictures ,but we played baseball, rode atvs & relaxed! the boys went on a ride way up near the mountains on the mule and nick & todd came back with swollen, watery eyes! those boys were so allergic, thats what they get for growing up in salt lake! haha. me & christine were laughing, silly city boys!! ;) oh & that yummy dessert above is one of claire's amazing desserts! i don't remember the exact name of it, but i got the recipe because it was so good! she was the sweetest host in the world & had one of the best dinners i have had in a long time! i miss home cooking! 


Brent and Alexa said...

OHH I've always wanted to go to that manti pageant!!!! So cool! I LOOOVVEE the first picture on this post!

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

this post makes me so happy because everything in this pictures is familiar! i grew up being in/watching the pageant. i have the whole thing memorized from laying in bed at night listening to it. serious. and isn't claire the sweetest? i love her. and that dessert is called ice cream crunch. it's a family favorite :) (christine's dad and my uncle dale are cousins) so we're not totally related, but kinda?? haha. this looks so fun!

Carlyn Grubbs said...

umm ok so it looks like you guys had a blast! but i have to ask where did you get your swim suite!? I'm in love with it! you have such cute style girl!